Monday, May 18, 2009

LaSalle Square Garden Ready To Plant

LaSalle Square Unity Garden is being planted now! It is such an exciting time. The irrigation system works beautifully thanks to Bob Schmok's time, labor, and engineering expertise (not to mention the awesome equipment) and the South Bend Water Works help. Another true example of collaborative success for the benefit of all! Thanks also to all of the "rakers" in repairing the soil and sod lines; Andrew, Colten, Brenda, Dave, Mich, and J.T.. That was hard work in less than ideal weather conditions. Melissa and Linda, the garden leaders have retrieved seeds and seedlings to plant. The next day for mass volunteers will be Sunday or Monday, depending on everyone's availability. Please RSVP to Melissa at to let her know which day will work best. The attached flier also has her contact information (yes, antoher flier). More garden updates forthcoming. Broadway and Robertson's container gardens are ready for planting as well! Happy planting to all!Sara
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