Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seed Starting At LaSalle Academy

Spent a great day teaching seed starting basics , planting seeds , and giving Unity Gardens Presentations . I taught 4 classes . In each class I did a short powerpoint on how , when , and why to start seeds early indoors . Then each student planted seeds . After that Sara gave a presentation on Unity Gardens . Bringing across the point that its more than just growing free food . The community building , sense of empowerment , bringing diverse people together , and learning about eating healthy . Every school should have a garden . The students were engaged , and wanted to know more . A good day all in all .

Year 2 for this Unity Garden should be a good one

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ravina Park

One of our most exciting gardens got its start this morning. Ravina Park . Its a 1/2 block north of Indiana St on Dale . Lots of big plans . Ricky the garden leader will head up the planting . We are working on a Grant to put in a Shaded shelter , and picnic tables . Broadway Church has plans for kids dance classes in the park . We will be doing a series of kids classes in June . All good things to come .

Simple Unity Raised Beds

4 x 8 Beds

Start with 3 - 8'

yellow pine 2x8's

Cut one 8' board in half to 4'

Nail together with

4" Galvanized Ring Shank Nails

Cover Bottom With Layer of


Put Layer of Leaves

Grass Clippings on newspaper

Cover with 4 - 6" of

Good Soil , or Compost

Plant !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Class at the Greenhouse & Transplanting

Another good class at the Greenhouse . Vegetables . I picked 8 vegetables to go over . I found this very challanging . I could spend a hour talking about Tomatoes. The class went a little long , folks got a little restless, but hung in to hear about the last vegetable Corn !! I think everyone learned a little more about Veggies .

During & after class volunteers were out in the greenhouse transplanting Tomatoes . We are Sowing , things are growing with Unity

Friday, March 25, 2011

Southside Garden

From small beginnings great things grow . Nate with the Troyer Group is the Garden Leader for the New South Side Unity Garden . The Troyer Group is the sponsor of this garden. The options for this plot of land are endless . Its a 5 acre plot of land surrounded by new & old housing developments , and Southfield Village Assisted Living Complex . Its great to see a garden go in here . LeRoy Troyer is all about Environmental design . A sustainable Unity Garden where healthy food can be grown for everyone to share fits that mission. Watch this garden grow into a area for everyone to enjoy . I see gathering areas ,and pathways rambling through gardens , and orchards. It all starts with a few simple plots started in a weed patch !!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

McKinley School Growing Champions

Thanks to McKinley School for a great donation to Unity Gardens to help sponsor Unity Gardens April 9 Garden Opening at LaSalle Square . The donation fits with the education mission . On the 9th we will be unveiling our education isle at LaSalle Square , and our Kids Garden. This will make the garden a great place for class Field trips, but also a place to hold education classes. We are thankful for the support .

There is more than that . McKinley is not only supporting Unity outside the school , but they are doing their own Unity Garden , and it

is nothing less than Spectacular . They have come up with grant money , and donations to support their garden . Fogelys Landscaping has come up with a cool garden design , and a nearby church group is building the raised beds . Its more than just a garden its a community learning, and building experience for the students, and teacher .

I cannot say anything more than this is a great group led by Deb Martin .Watch them grow a be a shining example for the SBSC

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Unity

The South Bend Parks dept approved use of land at Ravina Park . The land is North of Indiana on Dale Street . The Garden Leader will be Rick Urycki . Rick is an zone manager for Walmart on Ireland Rd, Rick was a Garden last year at the PCM garden on Michigan street . That plot of land was not available this season so we were glad when we got use of this land . Ravina Park will be a great addition . We are planning raised beds , some picnic tables , and a June kids program. I am real excited about this garden . Watch this plot of land grow into a great garden.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

At The Greenhouse

Jewish Federation

I love it when the blogs start to be about growing food Monika & Gayle the Garden leaders at the Jewish Federation Garden . Last year they were the last garden to get planted because they came on board late . This year they are one of the first . This year not only are they an early start , but they are expanding . Last year not only did the feed the community of humans , but the feed the deer . This year they got a donation for a deer fence . Plus they are putting in more beds . More food ...Yes .

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kids Garden At LaSalle Square

Just The Start Of A Great Project

Its All About Community

Today we worked with a service group of girls . It was the 5th annual Girls Conference . Springing into Action . It was a day of learning , and doing .
Its girls from 5th to high school . Unity Gardens had 2 groups . We had one group paint pots that we will use for Herbs to sell at our Fundraiser on May 5th & 6th at Junk Evolution

The 2nd group made invitations for our season opening at LaSalle Square on April 9th at noon .

It was a great group of girls they really got into designing their own pots & invitations . The Pots will get Herbs planted in them and sold at the Plant Sale . Make Sure to come out and get your one of a kind herb pot .

The event was supported by

St Johns Baptist Church

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Sigma Gamma RHO Sorority

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Friday, March 18, 2011


Looks like or All Day Organic Workshop Day is going to be great . Greg from Ginger Valley is doing an Class on Organic Gardening , and Sustainability . Erynn a Purdue Master Gardener is doing a full day of classes on Herbal tea from the garden , Worms, Edible flowers , . We are also doing classes on Cooking from your garden , Soil Prep , Garden Care , Garden Planning , and Rain Barrels By Vicky with Purdue Master Gardeners. April 23 is the Organic Day , 9am to 3 pm at the Keller Park Church . This will be a exciting day !! A Unity Gardens Event with the support of Purdue Master Gardeners
Donations are always welcome , But entry to the event classes are all Free

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is Unity Gardens

Spring is a good time to reflect on why we are here
" We are growing more than vegetables here"

Unity Gardens Goals:
Ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow their own healthy food.
Ensure healthy vegetables are available to everyone in need of them.
Educate the community both on how to grow their own vegetables, and how to eat healthy food.
Build community through gardens, and provide safe healthy gathering areas.

Unity Gardens Criteria:
Must have the ability to plant and maintain your garden
Agree to share harvested food with those in your community
Agree to promote the Unity Gardens
Agree to assist in raising funds to support Unity Gardens
Stay true to Unity Gardens community goals

Unity Gardens Role:
Assist with securing land.
Provide additional liability insurance.
Provide education on gardening, and healthy eating.
Promote Unity Gardens mission to public.
Secure seeds, plants, and supplies.
Share best garden practices.
Facilitate Unity communication & networking
Assist in building infrastructure as needed.
Assist in garden development.

Unity Gardens Mission:
Improve community health:
Physically through increasing accessibility of fresh produce & providing education.
Socially by providing venues for people to gather together
Economically by revitalizing our community through gardens

Unity Gardens Contact Information:
Sara Stewart 574 315-4361
Mitch Yaciw 574 904-3491

Unity Gardens Inc e-mail:
PO Box 10022 Blog:
South Bend IN 46680 Facebook: The Unity Gardens Non-profit

Starting Small at LaSalle Square .

My first day of the season in the garden . Its hard to believe from these humble beginnings we will sprout the seeds of sharing for thousands in our community . As always it starts on a cool spring day . The garden slowly comes to life from its winter nap. As I gently turn the soil I see signs of spring . Green sprouts of plant life , worms making their way through the soil . I cultivate a small area in which to sow my first seeds . The soil is moist , cool, and ready to provide the life giving nutrients the seeds need to sprout a plant . As the soil warms the first leaves will appear, and then the magic life of the plant begins .

Today I planted two small rows . One of peas , and one of radishes .

I will repeat this process almost every day until July 1st . Early it will be all the cool weather crops , Lettuce , Kale , Mustard's , Peas , Radish & more . Later it will be corn , beans , Tomatoes etc.. In July we will take a month break from planting , then start on planting our fall crops . From these Humble beginnings we will grow together as a community a great garden to share with everyone .

Monday, March 14, 2011

What We Plant March 14th to 20th

Outdoors Seed Planting

Peas , Radishes

Cold Hardy Lettuce

Red Winter Kale


Asian Greens

Indoor Seed Starting








Saturday, March 12, 2011

Record Crowd at The Greenhouse

It was more than the Record breaking class ( 65 attendees ) that made this a great Saturday at the Potawatomi Greenhouse it was all the activity before, and after . Jim, and Cara Lupa put on a great class on gardening in small spaces . As with all the classes we passed out survey's on the class . One suggestion jumped out at me " Name badges - eaiser to meet others" If you look at one of the goals of the Unity Gardens its to Build Community through gardens . Its becoming a great place for people to get together to Learn, and grow together .
After the class more, and more people showed up to sow seeds of sharing in the greenhouse . A group of students, a grandmother, and her grandkids , master gardeners , and novice gardeners all together for a common goal .

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coming April 2nd

michiana horticulture alliance Check this link for more Info

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

T-shirts Are In

Help support Unity Gardens $ 15 for a t-shirt . All Proceeds go to support the gardens . We will have them at all the classes & events we post on our events page . This Saturday at the Potawatomi Greenhouse Before the 10am class or after about 11:30 see Sara

Kids Garden

We are building a great kids garden at LaSalle Square Unity Garden. It will be a great educational area for kids of all ages to learn about plants. We will hold summer workshops for kids in the garden , and teach them how to grow, and eat healthy food. The Garden will be made up of several brightly colored raised beds on the east side of the shelter. Look for it to grow throughout the summer .

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seed Starting Class Wrap

We wrapped up our 6 weeks series on Vegetable Gardening . The series has been a great success . We had 45 to 50 people in every class, and it looks people are all learning more about gardening .
After the class we did seed starting in the Greenhouse . We have so many plants started , its going to be a great year. Its so good to see so many people out to help . Unity Gardens , Potawatomi Conservatories , and The Master Gardeners all coming together to help grow more than vegetables.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monroe Park

Last night Sara with the good folks of the Monroe Park neighborhood. We met at the Cathloic Workers House . They served a great dinner. There is alot going on in the Monroe Park area. The Comans started up a Unity Garden on South & Carroll Street in 2009 . Rey Hernandez worked with them in putting together a nice little Garden . Mike Coman worked really on fixing the sandy soil up by putting tons of cow manure on the garden over the past two years. Last fall he planted Rye grass to till in this year. Its a Great Garden in a great place . Unity Gardens plans on Suppling a bench & maybe a picnic table this year so there is a gathering place in the garden.

The Cathloc workers have 2 gardens . One at the house, and one at Our Lady of the road pantry . This year they are planning a Food Co-op its opening