Friday, June 26, 2009

WNIT , WNDU & SB Tribune

Hello Gardening friends and partners!
There has been more and more attention to the Unity Gardens now that harvests are being reaped. Although the strawberries, dill, radishes, lettuce, peas, and spinach are all great, the most exciting "harvest" has been in the community building processes. I have witnessed the Monroe Park neighborhood come together to keep their garden beautiful in both food and aesthetics. It is truly a great place to relax and enjoy. The communication to coordinate the garden activities is being handled within the group! They are growing the Unity philosophy.At LaSalle Square, neighbors and curious passer-bys are more actively greeting and visiting one another. People have stopped by to offer plants and inquire about other needs. Most people are still surprised that the food there can be openly shared. Thanks to WNDU for airing a follow-up story to the one last month.The Center for the Homeless and their exisitng community garden held a very successful open house. It is a beautiful garden that inspires the future vison of what all the Unity Gardens can look like with formal gathering areas, water fixtures, and open tool sheds. The generosity and success of the donors for that garden have directly led to the current generosity and support of the Unity Gardens within our community.The Portage Community Garden, our most recent addition, is beautiful also. The gentleman at the Department of Corrections has labored in this heat to till and plant. A few residents of Portage Manor offered me the tour of "their" garden. The enthusiasm for the garden and anticipation for fresh strawberries reminded me of last year when some of the folks "outside" shared their memories of family gardens of the past and the flavors enjoyed long ago.The Robertson's container garden is something to see. The containers have been placed in ways to create gathering areas on their patio. Many thanks to The South Bend Tribune that ran a wonderful article last Sunday covering their story.The garden of Saint Therese has served as an inspiration for those businesses and residents in the surrounding area (LincolnWay West and Olive). The Market across the stree on Prast actually cleared some land to plant their own vegetables as well! They were so welcoming and excited to get the updated Unity Garden Flier.Please tune in to WNIT, channel 34, to see the discussion regarding the Unity Gardens Initiative and how our community is stepping up as a leader is solving global food issues! The show will air at 8:30pm tonight and Monday in addition to 12:30 on Sunday.We still need: volunteers on Saturday ams for the LaSalle Square Unity Garden and tomato cages for a number of gardens. We did receive some tomato cages in response to the original e-mail, but we are growing so much, we could use about 50 more.Thanks to all of you for helping sprout the seeds of sharing! At the risk of being redundant.........We are growing more than vegetables here!Sara Stewart U. RN MSNcwww 574-315-4361

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