Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LaSalle Square Unity Garden update

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!!!
Just an update on the LaSalle Square garden.....
Well, due to the death of a friend of the family I won't be able to be out there today to plant. I went out for a little while Sunday morning and got more corn planted. One of our volunteers, Dave and his son, came out and planted more and I think may have even set up the tomatoe plants so that anyone who comes out today can dig and plant them in their spots. He also watered alot and may have planted some watermelon. We still have eggplant, chard, kale and kolerabe, cucumber, carrots, and much much more to plant.
However, one of the most important things is finishing putting the dirt into the trench near the red handled water turn on parallel with Ardmore street. I covered the pipes yesterday with as much dirt as I could but after dropping a tree in my yard and working about 12 hours on that and cutting the wood I was a bit sore. So...if we could get people to finish covering the trench that would be great. At least the pipes aren't showing.
A few of my neighbors have seen the garden and are trying to help plan dates they can go. One guy even had a few Collard Green plants that he is going to take over there and plant. He is sooooo excited about this endeavor! I also had 2 cars stop to ask what we are doing and one said they'd come back sometime in the next week to help also.
And now to the good stuff....the harvest of the garden. Yesterday I say that the pinto bean seeds I planted the week before have begun to sprout out of the ground and so I feel rejuventated in the fact that things are indeed growing! Also...strawberrys have begun to grow on the few plants that are there and one was even red! A couple of the tomatoe plants even have tomatoes on them so hopefully we will have some luck.
This week I will be taking a combination lock to place on the pump so that there isn't any issues with the city. I will send out the combination for those that need it once I get ready to take and put it on there. Also, Linda left some garden hoses and a few of the paint stick stakes and I took the flags out there so there is stuff out there if needed. There may even be a garden glove I lost out there while planting!
Well, we are on our way out to the funeral but I thought I would give you all an update. IF you know any people who might go and garden there today could you let them know?
Thanks to all!
--Melissa Murawski

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monroe Park Unity Garden Planting Dates


Please join us to plan and plant at South Carroll Streets on Thur or Friday afternoon between 4-5:30 ish. We have lettuces, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, carrots, okra, peppers sunflowers- and more. If you have ideas for other plants or seeds that appeal to your friends or families, speak up. If you would like to help plant but those times do not work for you, speak up. Other planting dates may follow, as well as a call for weeding and watering by those who will eat from the garden. We hope you can join us. Come even if you just have ideas but are not able to plant. This is a neighborhood garden!

Peace, Karen Coman

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feed the Hungry Shares Seeds

Demonstrating the concept of "sowing seeds of sharing", Feed the Hungry donated an endless supply of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to the Unity Gardens! Request seeds by commenting here or e-mail s_uzelac@yahoo.com. More information about Feed the Hungry is available at http://www.feedthehungry.org

Monday, May 18, 2009

LaSalle Square Garden Ready To Plant

LaSalle Square Unity Garden is being planted now! It is such an exciting time. The irrigation system works beautifully thanks to Bob Schmok's time, labor, and engineering expertise (not to mention the awesome equipment) and the South Bend Water Works help. Another true example of collaborative success for the benefit of all! Thanks also to all of the "rakers" in repairing the soil and sod lines; Andrew, Colten, Brenda, Dave, Mich, and J.T.. That was hard work in less than ideal weather conditions. Melissa and Linda, the garden leaders have retrieved seeds and seedlings to plant. The next day for mass volunteers will be Sunday or Monday, depending on everyone's availability. Please RSVP to Melissa at melmurawski17@sbcglobal.net to let her know which day will work best. The attached flier also has her contact information (yes, antoher flier). More garden updates forthcoming. Broadway and Robertson's container gardens are ready for planting as well! Happy planting to all!Sara
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