Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whats Going On

It was a long hot week , but all the hard work in pays off . We had several folks stop by the LaSalle Square Garden , and harvest Greens , Lettuce , Peas & Strawberries .

We are having more people showing up to help out at the garden , and are about 2/3's of the way finished with planting . We had a neighbor bring by some heirloom corn and plant it .

There is a Geocache site at the garden now . Its been a great week of bringing people together to work , harvest , and share in the garden experience.

Things are growing all over the garden , and we should be harvesting healthy food to share through fall .

A great story from the Keller Park Unity Garden last week the Keller Park garden had one of the neighborhood kids delivering free food to the homes nearby . They Also put in another raised bed on Sat . More planting means more food to share . They just keep growing .

We stopped by the Homeless center garden , and its looking good . We helped harvest Radishes & Strawberries .

On Sunday the Southeast Side Salsa Unity Garden got off to a great start . As you may have guessed by the name this garden will feature salsa type plants

Now with 35 gardens on board with the Unity Gardens framework of sharing alot of people will be eating healthy food . Every garden is its own story , but all with a common goal

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