Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week at LaSalle Square

This week at LaSalle Square we got our first big fall frost . On Sundays some girls from St Marys came out & helped put down Mulch in the Isles , and do a lot of harvesting before the frost came . On Sunday , and Monday night we got hit with some pretty frosty nights . It changed the garden season like a bookend to a great year . While we still have many cool weather frost resistant veggies doing well most everything else is wilted away .

The good news is we had some Fruit trees donated by George at McKinley Terrace Garden Center . So we can start work on the Orchard . I also started laying out the area for community plots . Next season we plan on fencing off another area away from the main garden for community plots . We will give plots to those who want them first come first serve . The Unity Gardens will provide Seeds , tilling , and water donated by the city . It will add another demension to the The Unity Garden Framework.


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