Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Garden Thoughts

      I often have days that as I drive home I think what a unique thing the Unity Gardens are . Many people ask " is it about free food for poor people " My answer is " no its about free healthy food for everyone " . My next response is " its about you , and I talking "  The gardens are about so much more than food .
     I often see reports on kids not eating healthy food , yet in the garden I see kids enjoying fresh food right off the plant . LaSalle Academy is a prime example . When I go there to work with the students in their garden they can't get enough vegetables . They are like sponges wanting to taste everything . I think we all assume that McDonalds is their food of choice . When if presented with healthy food choices the outcome may surprise you.
    I meet a guy that works for the city . He tells of his time as a migrant worker in Texas picking tomatoes for 5 cents a bushel . Not complaining just saying coming to the garden reminds him of his youth . He offers to bring out some special watermelon seeds to plant next year . he leaves with a bucket of green tomatoes .
    Staying on the watermelon theme , at the very same time a couple offers to bring in watermelon seeds that will grow 140lbs watermelons. They enjoy the garden because it reminds them of the gardens from their childhood . They leave with a bag of Tomatoes , peppers , and radish .
    A couple guys stop by to look around . One of them had visited the first Unity Garden on Franklin Street . They like vegetables , and leave with some Okra , and Eggplant .
       It goes on like this day in and day out . Some many people so many stories !  People getting together , learning about growing , about eating , and each other

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