Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are You Thinking About Donating ?

If you are thinking about donating this year to Unity Gardens and you are a Indiana resident NOW is the time to take advantage of this special tax credit program. 

I am sharing the good news about the Unity Gardens Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) award. Unity Gardens has been awarded this charitable contribution incentive in order to support our educational program. We were awarded $20,000 of credits which translates into $40,000 of donations. So far we have "sold" about $3000.00 worth of credits, leaving potential of $17,000 for others to take advantage of.

   Donors receive 50% of their contribution credited back on their IN state taxes. That means if you donate $500 dollars to Unity Gardens, you will receive $250.00 back from your Indiana taxes (if you paid IN  taxes).

     We are charged with "selling" at least 60% of these credits by the year end. I hope that you may choose to take advantage of this program which helps the entire community protect their health through healthy food choices

. As a first year recipient of this award we are less well known than some. Typically organizations' credits are "sold" quickly, limiting the number of donors who can access this program. As I have talked to people about it, it would seem it is a closely held secret!

     If you would like to take advantage of this, you may let me know or just contact me directly (phone, text or e-mail are fine). Checks or requests can be made to Unity Gardens at  PO Box 10022 South Bend, IN 46680, or on our Paypal button on our blog . The program "Growing Health" can be referenced so we know to award the credits.

Unity Gardens: Growing Food, Growing Health, Growing Community!
Growing Together
Sara Stewart RN MSN
Executive Director
Unity Gardens Inc.
PO Box 10022
South Bend, IN 46680
574 315-4361

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