Saturday, January 14, 2012

Windpower Class

The first thing many people ask when we decided to hold a wind power class was " what does this have to do with gardens ?" For us we hope to in the future harness wind power to supplement some of the power at our greenhouse and learning center. But also what better way to help young minds grow , and after all growing is what we do .
The Class was put on by Karana Olivier. Karana spends the bulk of his time in

post conflict countries in Africa exploring cheap accessible ways to restore balance to ravaged social and economic systems.

    So what a great opportunity to blend a science lesson with a social one . The class was broken up into 3 sections . First Theroy , Next a hands on building of a small windmill the , and it all concluded with a test of the windmills output . The kids and parents loved the class . We hope to put this class on again this spring.

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