Monday, July 2, 2012

Things We Talk About in the Garden

As I was speaking with a woman out at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden last week I realized again its more than vegetables we grow here. This woman lives in Kalamazoo and comes by the garden when she is in town visiting her mother. I sometimes refer to her as the lady who lost her cell phone in the garden. ( we never have found it )
   As often happens the subject of Varmints in the garden comes up . Deer , Rabbits , Ground Hogs , Raccoons , Skunks and more . Well she tells me that she saves her urine all winter to put around her raised beds to keep the animals at bay . Now while some may think this is funny its the case with all us crazy gardeners save the garden at all cost . I find myself pouring cat poop and urine down the groundhogs hole . Many home remedies include Fox Urine , Dog hair , old shiny CD's hug in the garden, hot Pepper mix sprayed on plants . All of these things work to some degree if you want to avoid the trapping and killing of an animal in the garden which nobody wants to do. Of course this is where I insert a thought. If you plan on trapping an animal and relocating it ...Don't ! its not a good idea to move your problem to some other farm or garden.
   Yes this seems to be the year for animals in the garden , and weeds. Just don't let it make you crazy !! Enjoy your garden, and share a little with the critters.

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