Thursday, September 6, 2012

Possibilities Endless

Imagine a Solar Powered Discovery Center
I always like to say we did not create the Unity Gardens to be Sustainable, but that we are sustainable out of necessity. As we grow out at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden it will become necessary provide some heat for our new greenhouse , power pumps for our aquaponics tanks,and lights for our discovery center. So how do we do this and still keep the cost of providing healthy food low. Well today we met with Vince and T J with Inovateus Solar . They are willing to guide us and support us with our needs as we grow. Things to think about off grid vs on grid , what are our requirements now and how will they grow. Some thoughts are to create an off grid system to power our first greenhouse , and maybe look into a future solar array that could maybe even have a payback to Unity Gardens. Both options make our project more sustainable. This is so exciting we can add an educational component and show the benefits of Solar Power. Imagine what the future holds.
Check out Inovateus Solar

Imagine an Storage area that provides energy
A garden that grows more than vegetables
Imagine this Carport as an outdoor farmers market
outfitted with solar panels to power our greenhouse
Charge Electric Cars ?

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