Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Touching Last Day of 2012

                 I love what I do for a living. I mean really I get to play in the dirt, meet all sorts of people, and do a Picturelittle good in the community. So I sometimes use this as an excuse to work really hard most of the time 7 days a weeks, and sometimes I get caught up in pushing to get my projects finished and do not always take time to see all the good going on around me.
So today like any other day I was trying to wrap up a project I had been working on Saturday and Sunday. I was cleaning out the last growing house at Potawatomi, and recycling some wood from the other greenhouses that were torn down last year. I am hoping we can take this greenhouse space that has been used as a storage space for years and make good use out of it. So first I found a penny amongst the junk and trash. I thought how nice a penny must be my lucky day. What I found next was so touching I have to tell the story. To back up a bit with this greenhouse just being used for mostly junk and trash, and the occasional homeless person sets up camp inside amongst the junk. That is where I found this peice of wood with some writing on it. It did not look to old maybe from last summer. Here is what it said " Dear whoever lives here, My name is Geo ( for short ) and I am here with my sister Mary. We are not going to tell anyone that you are here. In fact we think its really cool that you do live here. Its summer break for the both of us, and we are going to be here at this park alot. So we were wondering if you could write us back and we could come back and read it whenever we could. We could bring you food if you wanted. We don't want to bother you or ruin your stuff. We just want to help, and admire your courage. Just keep hope. You don't have to write back either we just hope this make you happy ( smiley face )
Mary & Geo ( smiley face )
PS If you decide to write back , put it in the same place I put this note. We're prayin' for you ( heart ) Keep Hope"
I feel lucky to have come across this note. I am not sure if it went any further then this first contact, but I suspect it did. I did see a leat 3 good pens on one of the growing tables.
It reminds me that it does take courage to be without a home, and all of us that are sitting here reading this in a safe, and warm place should be thankful. I am also touched by the caring of someone for a person they do not even know. It also strikes me that in this fast paced time of cell phones and internet that there still is " the hand written letter"
I think I will hang this is a place for everyone to see so that we can all be reminded of how important respect for others, kindness, and human interaction is. Everytime I see a homeless person or someone in need of a hand I will think of the courage they have to survive against all odds.

And as a footnote on my way home I made a stop as a coffee shop as I do many times to get my computor work finished, and the man in line in front of me bought my coffee and said " have a Happy New Year"

Through the kindness of strangers hope springs eteranal .

Peace , Love and Happy 2013
Mitch Yaciw

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