Monday, September 13, 2010

The Garden Keeps on Giving

I was out at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden Sunday morning doing a little work . It was nice to see a woman out weeding for a long time . Later a man stopped by to harvest a a watermelon , and some okra . He said he was heading over to the Memorial Hospital garden . Another family stopped to pick some green beans . Hear it is September , and fall is fast approaching , but the gardens keep on giving . The garden has Zucchini , Okra , Green beans , radish , Mustard greens , Collards , Lettuce . Arugula , Kale , Turnip greens , Peppers , Tomato's , Tomatillos , and even a few raspberries . So while my thoughts keep heading toward fall , winter , and even next spring the garden is still trying to stay in summer mode . Its a good thing .

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