Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking Down the Garden

Well the time is getting closer to taking down the garden at LaSalle Square . Although right not it is still putting out lots of good veggies . I was at the garden this morning and 5 different people stopped by to harvest , and none went home empty handed . ,
What I am doing now is seeking out areas that are done ( completely done !! ) producing , and pulling all the plants , and weeds . I will put them in my compost pile . A better option if you live in the city is to let the city pick up all your plants , and compost them . Its important to take most plants out of your garden . It will help remove disease, and weed seeds . If you are wanting to be more sustainable , and compost your own make sure you learn about composting .
There will be a "Composting 101" workshop Monday September 27 at 6:30pm at the Main Library in South Bend. If you want to learn about composting you may want to check it out. Sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation District, it will earn you an "instant rebate" coupon that can be used towards the purchase of a 5...5-gallon compost tumbler and/or a rain barrel. For more information or to register: 574-291-7444 ex3
After I pull out the plants I hoe up as best I can then put down grass clippings , or shredded leaves . This will breakdown , and enhance the soil . I will put the clippings on thick , and hopefully next year I will pull the top layer off and with a little hoeing be ready to plant without tilling . What I pull off the top I will put back in between the rows as mulch to keep on feeding the plants .
More fall projects include a walking path , covered shelter , small greenhouse , fruit trees and benches . Also we a doing community plots that we will give to neighbors to grow their own garden in
2012 plans include a fitness trail . So I think I will be busy right through winter .

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