Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unity Updates

I heard a story this week I feel the need to pass on . A woman was getting her hair done, and the hair dresser told the story of her mothers visit to the Memorial Unity Garden . She was taking her mother to the doctor in the building next to the garden . When they arrived her mother noticed the garden , and wanted to walk through it . As the walked through the garden her mother spirits were lifted . She walked up and down every row telling stories of her garden , but also telling stories about her mothers garden that the daughter had never heard . For the rest of the day her mother was in a good mood .

While this story is not a surprise to me because I spend a lot of time in the gardens, and hear stories all day long it still has a profound impact on me . On the surface yes the gardens seem like their mission is to provide healthy food for those who need healthy food . Simple yes , but it is so so much more than that . The gardens are just the catalyst for much more . Diverse people coming together yes, Education programs yes, Improving the environment yes ! The list goes on . Over the past 3 years we have seen neighbors come out more , and more . We are planning several Unity Gardens education programs for next year , both on growing gardens , and eating healthy . Our collaborations with the schools , and daycares are being realized . Benches , picnic tables , shelters , mini greenhouses , and a walking path are all planned for 2011 . So when Sara coined the phrase " We are growing more than vegetables here " She meant it , and the Unity Gardens goal remains strong .

Other Unity news

The shelter is going up at LaSalle Square in a few weeks

Dickinson School is taking on a art project to decorate 9 donated church pews to use as benches in the gardens .

There was some concern that we were losing the Monroe Park garden in 2011 , but its going to be back .

The city is looking at a garden around the county city building .

Broadway Christen Center is looking at a garden in Ravina Park on Indiana street .

We are collaborating with Potawatomi Conservatories with a winter fundraiser at the Greenhouse .... Beach Theme !! Yes

Thats it , Happy Gardening !!

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