Monday, November 8, 2010

Working to be more sustainable

While I admit I do not spend all my waking hours thinking about being more sustainable , I understand it very well . So when realistic opportunities arise I implement them if I can .
Last week I was out in the LaSalle Square Unity Garden putting down some leaves in the garden to mulch for next year , and twice I see the Center for the homeless landscape services truck drive by full of leaves. So I am thinking ( insert light bulb moment here ) Instead of driving to organic resources with the leaves , why not drop them in the garden !! Less gas is used to drive leaves out of the neighborhood , less energy is used in grinding up the leaves to make compost , I call it a win win . Not to mention that we are helping The Center for the Homeless Landscape services be more efficient. Do not get me wrong I love organic resources , and the city program of leaf , and organic waste recycling is ahead of most cities in the country . We love all the guys out there , and they support the Unity Garden as well. Its the best deal on compost , and Mulch in town .
So a simple thought can make a difference . Part of the Unity Gardens mission is to bring fresh healthy food to the neighborhood in a sustainable way .

So if you support the Unity Gardens or just want to do a good thing please look into the CFH Landscape Services .They provide a supportive and comprehensive job training environment through which homeless men and women can transition into the workforce, moving beyond and breaking the cycle of homelessness.
Check them out online or call them

Also visit Organic Resources page

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