Monday, February 7, 2011

The Dirt on Soil

The 3rd part of Unity Gardens 6 part series on growing a vegetable garden at The Potawatomi Conservatories was a sucess again. Each class has had over 40 people in attendence. The soil class hit a record high of 45 people attending. The class as always is very engaging, asking questions, and giving helpful tips. The survey's we are giving out are guiding us to plan some more classes. We are also thinking of re-running the series. Next week is a very hands on seed starting class were we will start plants for everyone to take home with them, and coming up in 2 weeks The Bontanical Society has a class on Orchids. Then the following week Phil Sutton with Purdue extension will be talking about garden pest, and then after that we wrap up the series with a class on garden maintence. After this series there will also be classes on Container gardening, Herbs , All about the top 12 Vegetables, and growing a Victory garden.
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