Monday, February 21, 2011

Making the Connection

Its the little connections that make the big picture so great. On Friday Joel Schipper from WNDU news came out to the Greenhouse to do a peice on Unity Gardens classes. Charlie a grandmother saw the morning news. She was taking her grandaughter & grandson for the day . She thought planting seeds would be great fun for the kids. They came early because they had a party to go to. It was a great learning process . They spent a hour, and a half mixing dirt, filling trays , and starting seeds. Learning about the plants they were seeding. Isaac was not to into getting dirty, but by the end he was pretty into it . Isabelle was all about it digging right in . Every connection made helps bring a community together, teaches another child where food comes from.
Did I say we are growing more than vegetables here !


  1. I really enjoy going to the greenhouse to plant seeds with my grandchildren. Can't wait till we plant in the gardens.