Monday, June 6, 2011

Community Support

If there was any doubt that the community supports Unity Gardens , and enjoys having the gardens in their neighborhood . Sunday put that question to bed . Sometime between 6pm Sat night , and 6am Sunday some vandals struck the Unity Gardens at LaSalle Square . Most of the damage was in the form of 100's of plants ripped from the ground . Its hard to believe some bad apples take the food out of the mouths of their neighbors.

What happened next was nothing short of pure community support. With just one post on facebook that the Gardens had been vandalized , and a firestorm had started. People calling , e-mailing , and coming to the garden to lend a hand. Jean from Martin's Greenhouse offered plants . By early morning all signs of the vandals were gone . People coming in offered to keep an eye on the garden. The Garden belongs to the community , and they are taking hold , and protecting it .

Just before noon the Girl Scouts showed up to have their bridging ceremony , and several folks showed up to harvest lettuce , spinach , and Mustard Greens . Its Business as usual .

Close to 500 Girl Scouts , and their families showed up to enjoy the garden , and plant lots , and lots of Marigolds .

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