Wednesday, June 22, 2011

South Lake Unity Garden

While visiting the South Lake Unity Garden I spoke with a young man from the neighborhood . He ask about the Unity Gardens , and offered to help out when he could . He told me he has a small garden at home . He harvested the first cucumber ! The southside garden is getting lots of visits , and dispite the rough soil, and weeds its growing well . Cabbage is ready to Harvest , and we are just days away from having Zucchini . I see the neighbors are harvesting , Kale , Lettuce , and Cabbage all ready . I am liking the South Lake Garden , and look forward to watching it Grow .


  1. South Lake Unity Garden is a excellent garden.
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  2. Very nice. As always, I’m impatient for lusher greenery, particularly since these pups are so visible in my living area. Someday soon I’ll pop in some more established plants.

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