Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great News

Community Foundation of Saint Joseph County Awards

Unity Gardens Special Project Grant
The Unity Gardens Growing Project was awarded a $15,000 Special Project Challenge Grant for the Growing Project! This grant requires matching dollars. The funds are dedicated to our Unity Gardens Educational Programs, including the new Outdoor classroom and Farm to Market Series.
    In 2011, Unity Gardens launched a series of successful educational classes on a broad range of gardening topics. From Garden planning, to pest control, and soil amendments, the classes attracted people from throughout the community. Over 50 classes were held in 2011 with more than 3500 participants.
     Building on the successes from last year, the 2012 Growing Project includes basic gardening classes, and adds an experiential learning piece specifically geared toward growing produce for market. Also included is the infrastructure to create an outdoor classroom with activity centers, a pollination station, composting demonstration areas, raised beds, seating, signage, and more!
      It is time to donate to Unity Gardens and make this dream a reality! Your donation not only helps assure everyone in our community has the opportunity to grow healthy food, but it also empowers people to supplement their income through selling locally grown food.
     Dollars donated will be matched with our Community Foundation of Saint Joseph County award. Additionally, Indiana residents may qualify to use Unity Gardens NAP tax credits for their donations .

Donations accepted via PayPal on our blog
or via mail at Unity Gardens Inc. PO Box 10022 South Bend IN 46680
Thank you for your support of Unity! For other questions or additional ways to support Unity, feel free to call 574 315-4361

Growing Food, Growing Health, Growing Community!
Growing Together!
 Sara Stewart RN MSN
Executive Director

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