Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something to Think About

Nature provides our gardens with birds, bees, and all sorts of insects that are needed to pollinate our gardens. But in this day and age with urban sprawl. pesticides , herbicides , and mono crops we are having a serious impact on the very things that make our gardens thrive. When I grow my garden I always think of it as taking as opposed to giving. I turn the soil I plant the seeds , and then I reap the benefits of the harvest . If I am not careful I slowly strip the soil of nutrients. So of course I try to return as much as I can to the soil . Leaves , Clippings , and composted food waste , and to that end my soil is rich with dark brown loose soil.
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     But lets not forget our pollinators . We mow our lawns and pull our weeds , and kill our dandelions . So this year think about leaving the dandelions , and maybe leave a few weeds in the garden . Some milk weeds , some Poke weed , and anything that flowers . Did you know the Monarch Butterfly only feeds on milkweed, and birds will feed on Poke weed berries. If you grow a flower garden try to go native.Native plants draw in native butterfly's, and bees.  Herbs Basil, Lemon Balm, Cilantro , all bring in bees . One step further is to plan out a special garden just to attract these pollinators. There are many books you can buy on plants that draw in beneficial insects . Butterfly Gardens , Pollination stations , Bee Gardens , whatever you want to call it , its all about bringing  home the good guys . Unity Gardens will have at least one class on this on April 21st , and I am sure the Master Gardeners will also have a class .
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