Saturday, June 9, 2012

Community Plots

Last year Unity Gardens toyed with the idea of Community Plots at The LaSalle Square Unity Garden. Traditionally the garden has been open to everyone to harvest . Since we did not want to get away from our roots we had new water put in a area far from the open garden. Last summer we had a few takers for the community plots , and just fair results . So not to ever fail at a mission we decided bigger and better was the way to go. So we wrote a grant for a garden to market/ educational area complete with raised beds, composters, fence , shed, and more . With mostly word of mouth the community plots have taken off . We were looking at doing 6 to 8 people , but the number is at 16 right now , plus a plot for the Jr. Master Gardeners . In addition we have a season extender bed , straw bale garden bed. a Handicap Access bed , 3 different compost stations. , and more to come. What is clear to me is the diversity of people coming together to work in the garden. This out weighs even the healthy food that will come from these plots. We have a ND professor, and his wife from China, a family from Beacon Heights Apts , School Teacher, Landscape Architect, Saint Mary's Social Justice Professor, Jr. Master Gardeners , A guy named Kevin that just Showed up , Bruce who works at Goodwill , Master Gardeners, An IU South Bend intern ,  and I am sure I missed a few. I am so excited to see this grow and take off like a rocket. Growing healthy food , making friends , and learning that's what this is all about. What a great project !!

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  1. This is such a special project. I LOVE the way it is bringing so many diverse people together to talk about gardening, food, and life. Thank you, Unity Gardens, for finding a such a beautiful way to build community in a town that so desperately needs it. Watching so many people working together makes me feel so happy and hopeful!