Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Planting

The planting will begin this Saturday on Unity Gardens Native Planting Area at LaSalle Square. The project was started this spring but was scratched because of the hot dry weather. The plan developed by our intern Myles Robertson is partly research an partly developing a more sustainable garden by encouraging pollinators. The large 300' x 100' plot is divided into 50' x 50' plots. The plots will be planted in 4 different ways to see how the native plants grow in each of the 3 planting styles. The plots can be used by IUSB for research , and will also be used by Unity Gardens for education purposes.
All the seeds and supplies were donated, and the work will be done by volunteers.Supporters and donors for this project include The City of South Bend, Indiana University South Bend, Cardno/JFNew, and Jay Duley
Come watch us grow !!
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