Friday, October 26, 2012

A thought about Taste of Unity

On the drive home from the Taste of Unity I reflect on the evening and think how great it is to have such awesome community support. My thoughts drift to how a successful fundraiser brings us closer to our goals in the garden, but then I start to think about the bigger picture. Our mission statement of not just providing healthy food, but also about education, and growing community.
I think what makes a successful event is that can raise money while achieving our core mission then its a win for everyone. My conclusion is that yes we did achieve both goals. The theme of the evening as I spoke with many of the guest was how it was so fun meeting new people, and maybe even sitting a a table full of people they did not know. Education yes of course the Ivy Tech Students learning from all the other chefs. Everyone learning more about Unity Gardens, local food and more. What a great night we could not be any prouder of our community over 400 people made it out to enjoy a great evening.

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