Monday, December 20, 2010

Beacon Heights Open House

Last Friday Unity Gardens had a open house at Becon Heights Apartments . Sort of a meet , and greet with our neighbors across the street from the LaSalle Square Unity Garden . Also a little bit of a mission to see how they like what we are doing , and what the see in the future for the garden , How will they use the garden . It was a little slow but folks came ito the clubhouse , had some snacks , and spent some quality time learning about the Unity Gardens . Some people knew about the gardens , some were new to the area , and had not seen te garden yet . Some things were clear . Like its a good place to get the kids out of doors, and teach them about healthy food . Some thought it was good to have healthy food close by . Some mothers would like a playground .
What I learn over , and over is that its a process of reaching people one at a time . The Unity gardens concept is a new one sharing , bringing people together , and building community . Its not just another community garden its for everyone not just select members . So far its working great one person at a time .

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