Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Master Gardeners

Last night I took my test for my Master Gardner test . Its the first step in becoming a master gardener . Next I become an intern, and do volunteer education.

Master gardeners are people who who study university approved research based horticulture practices through the local extension . There are over 94,ooo Master Gardeners in the US . They volunteer their time, and expertise to for the benefit of the community. To date Master Gardeners have logged over 5 million volunteer hours helping to save the world one garden at a time . Its all about helping others grow flowers , trees , shrubs, grass , and yes even vegetables . My class is taught by Phil Sutton who heads up the Purdue Extension office for St Joe County . I took the class to learn more about vegetable gardening so I could do some education for Unity Gardens . I soon realized that it was great to learn about all the plants, insects , and disease. Its seems we have lost touch with with the environment . Hopefully I can help others get back into their gardens through education . Its a great class I recommend it to everyone , even if you don't garden .

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