Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keller Park Unity Garden

Keller Park Unity Garden is located at 1001 Bryan St behind the Keller Park church . It was started 3 years ago by Meridith Eaton . After her first year she moved the garden to a new location in the neighborhood , and joined the Unity Gardens . Meridith is teacher at Marquette Montessori School . She uses her talents as a teacher to bring neighborhood kids into the garden . Much of the volunteer help comes from Keller Park church .

The church is very involved in helping the community . They host celebrate recovery meetings, Wed open community dinners, Spring , and fall block parties , GED classes , tutoring , and basketball . They also of course have Sunday Worship at 10:30 am .

Unity is excited to have Keller Park Unity Garden on board . They work hard to get the neighborhood involved in the garden, and on Saturday mornings they even harvest food and have the kids deliver it to the neighborhood . They work very hard to grow the garden . in 2010 they built several raised beds , and grew lots of food .

2011 holds some real exciting plans . Picnic tables ,rain barrels, mini greenhouse , a new sign with a sharing shelf , Raspberries , compost bin , and a decorative fence to highlight the area .

Looks like another busy year for Keller Park . We honor all the good work you have done .

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