Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ok I am sure I will miss someone if I start a list of people to thank . So thanks to everyone that supports the Unity Gardens . For some its money , for some its volunteering , and for some its just spreading the word . The community support is so big . People that get it know its much more than a garden . They know if you grow enough food you can share with everyone , and tear down the barriers to healthy food. They know that if you come out of your house, and meet you neighbors it creates safe neighborhoods . They know if you teach a person to grow their own food they can be more secure . They know that learning healthy eating habits cuts down on health care cost. They know working in the garden builds strong bodies , and strong character . Most of all teaching our youth the art of gardening , and the benefits to healthy eating.

So Thanks to all the supporters of Unity Gardens . The Garden leaders who take on the task of organizing a garden to help their community . Thanks to the City who makes Unity Gardens life easy . Thanks to the people who have some spare time to help work in the garden . Thanks to the folks that support Unity with funds to keep .

One garden in 2008 , 50 in 2011 !! One persons vision , a whole communities support !!


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