Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Touching Message

We are humbled by the support we get from our community .

This is a message we got on Facebook

Unity Gardens & the Center for a Sustainable Future's Rain Barrel Auction: I am an artist for one of the featured rain barrels to be auctioned at the Rain Barrel Auction on May 6th. (My barrel is located at Just Goods 714 E. Jefferson Blvd.) I was inspired by natures lifesource, water when I painted it. In my opinion the barrel holds what sustains life. "Water". I personally have my own barrel and use the water I collect to water my husband's garden. Anyway, half of the proceeds from my rain barrel earnings will go to the Center at IUSB and the other half is to be given to the artist (in this case, me). I am hoping that every barrel earns $300, but who knows?! However, I want you and Sara to know that my half is going to be donated to the Unity Gardens. I love what you are doing! It brings together the community, gives neighbors a sense of pride & ownership in their neighborhoods, educates, allows for social gatherings & relationships to form, and, it helps out people who are in need, giving everyone a sense of purpose and allows each person to feel that what they do matters. Every person has the ability to change their community and have a positive impact. Unity Gardens all over the city are transforming lives, not just the neighborhood. YOU ROCK! So, lets hope my rain barrel earns some good money for such a wonderful organization!

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  1. Jill La Fountain, you are an inspiration to our community.