Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Facebook Post

This is a facebook post by a neighbor / Volunteer at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden

Yesterday, around 1:30 I was at the garden and there was a bunch of people dropping stuff off from their own gardens. I picked all my cabbage that was still good and filled two big containers that I placed on the share shelf. There were three 2ft long or longer cucumbers, lots of cherry tomoates, green bell peppers, and much more. When my mom and I stopped back by around 5:30 to drop stuff off, the shelf was almost empty!

A lot of the people that talked to us were saying that they bring stuff 1-2 times a week because they don't want it to go to waste. So, now we know there IS a lot of food being dropped off beside whats being picked. I just came back from there again about 3:30 and there was 1 bucket of cabbage leaves, 1 cucumber, some carrots, some green beans, and some baby tomatoes left from what was dropped off yesterday. :)

This is what the gardens do ! Bring people together , Sharing , Growing , and being a community .
" We are growing more than vegetables here "

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