Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Unity Story

Here is a story from our youngest garden leaders. She took on her project from start to finish. She attended all the Unity Gardens classes this winter . She also presented the plan to the church board , and members. Its an incredible story of sharing . Many folks have came to me with stories of what the have harvested from Elizabeth's garden . Let's hope a whole generation of people can learn gardening skills from this fine example.
Hi Sara!

The garden has been growing very well and I have officially earned my Girl Scout Gold Award
I was interested in earning my Girl Scout Gold Award and my Girl Scout troop had been working with a journey book about food and growing gardens. At that time the Girl Scouts also became involved in helping the Unity Gardens by planting marigolds and sunflowers to ward off the animals that eat the gardens. My Girl Scout troop became more interested in the Unity Gardens and I helped with a service project at Camp Millhouse in which we planted a Unity Garden for the campers there. Then the church which our Girl Scout troop meets at was interested in having a garden there too. Since I like to garden and the church wanted a garden, it seemed like a great Gold Award project. So I put together a Unity Garden for the church in which we are growing tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and onions for the church members to help care for and share together.
Elizabeth Arndt

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