Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week at LaSalle Square

This week I spent everyday , planting , watering , and weeding . Hoping that I can provide some vegetables for everyone who stops by the LaSalle Square Unity Garden  . The plants keep giving , but its harder , and harder to find things to harvest .  The flow of people into the garden is so heavy even I am surprised . A man and his wife stop in and say we are homeless , and hungry can you help. A gal who has had cancer just wanting healthy food . Large families , and retired folks all stopping by . We all have one thing in common ...we all eat .
      So this week just like last year my motto is " Seed more feed more " . Sat was sort of the apex of the week . We were busy , and folks just kept coming . We are hoping some home gardeners will bring extra veggies from their home gardens , and drop them off at our shaded shelter . Lots of folks looking for healthy food .

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