Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Neighbors

Everyday when I come out to work at the LaSalle Square Garden I see evidence of people working in the garden when I am not there . It started with a little here and there , but this morning it was crazy more than half the Garden was weeded by some expert gardeners . Its so much Sara's vision for the Unity Gardens ,to see people coming together to work , and share the harvest . It builds neighborhoods , and feeds everyone healthy food . There is so much food being grown in the 33 Unity Gardens that its hard to harvest it all . People come out everyday to work , and harvest . Today I was buy the PCM Unity Garden , The Center for the Homeless Garden , and the Southside Garden at Dale & Calvert , and they all had food ready to harvest . Its hard to explain how exciting it is to see the Unity Gardens bringing people together , and filling a need for healthy food in or community .

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