Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Saturday

It Started Friday afternoon with Sara speaking at the WNIT Ecofest kick off at the Century Center

Wow it was a busy day for the Unity Gardens on Saturday . Girl Scouts learning how plant in the Garden , and seeing how growing , and sharing can help the community . The scouts came out in force , and planted marigolds at all 34 Unity Gardens to ward off the rabbits from snacking on the gardens. They learned about working in the community toward a common goal . It proves the Girl Scouts are more than just cookies .

The Unity Gardens also showed its support for going green at the Eco-fest at Howard Park . What better way to go green than keeping it simple by growing healthy food for all to enjoy right here in the city . Everything for the Gardens is donated by local businesses , and the gardens are planted , and maintained by volunteers .

The Unity Gardens also had a booth at the Urban Garden Market selling plants to raise money for supplies for the gardens . The Urban Garden Market is a small open air market that goes back to the good old days where food grown at small farms , and in backyards is sold out of the back of cars & pick-up trucks . Stop out every Sat until Oct 9am to 1 pm

What a great weekend !!

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