Monday, June 28, 2010

Unity Gardens Make A Difference

Here is a little e-mail from a Unity Gardener
In a big way the 33 gardens throughout the city are changing the way some people think , and relate to each other . We are growing more than Vegetables Here
THANKS! to all of those who staked the tomatoes...- we were able to pick a couple of more pieces of broccoli - Sharon H. said it made some delicious soup- the Girl Scout's marigolds have taken hold and are blooming!- the eggplants have had a sudden growth spurt - the bugs are still bothering them...but now they don't seem to care- won't be long before leaf lettuce should be ready...radishes too!
People Notice...I haven't been at the garden one time when one of the neighbors or fellow Memorial employees hasn't stopped by to ask questions, comment, offer advice or just chat...Come out and meet 'em ! Oh, and pull a couple of weeds...
Brent W. Schroeder, CDM Memorial HospitalNutritional Services, Supervisor

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