Monday, June 28, 2010

Unity Mushroom Project

Last weekend I went to the sustainable living fair in Indianapolis, and one of the things I found was a mushroom company . We have discussed growing mushrooms before , and here is my chance to do it . After a overview of how to grow mushrooms we bought some Shiitake mushroom spawn plugs , and I am off and running on my Unity Mushroom Project . Last week I had a few large branches fall in my yard , and the 6" diameter logs will be perfect to start my mushrooms . I am told it needs to be a fresh cut log so other rotting things are not already growing . The plugs are dowel pins that look to be about 3/8" . The spawn is grown in a lab , and will produce about 3 years worth of mushrooms . Next I will drill holes in the logs , and insert plugs . Watch & read more to come ....... We have started a Unity Mushroom Blog you can link to on right side of this page


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