Thursday, January 27, 2011

Master Gardener

I am now a master gardener intern. On one year of service before I become a Master Gardener. So I was able to attend my first St Joe Valley Master Gardeners meeting of the Year. Heidi from The Botanical Society spoke to the group about the new plans for the Potawatomi Greenhouse, and Conservatories. A new heating system in , and plans for a parking lot, and maybe even a new energy efficient greenhouse. Next it was MG business upcoming events, fundraisers, Volunteer Opportunities. Phil Sutton with Purdue Extension spoke about the mission statement of the extension. A big goal for them is fact based education on growing , and better nutrition . It fits well with the Unity Gardens mission statement with is to not only help feed people, but also teach them how to grow, prepare healthy food.
Also Don Keim brought in his Blue ribbon water color. Great Night !
Lots of good folks.

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