Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey! Do you ever feel bad because you forgot your travel mug , and got your coffee in a paper cup? Do you just love those Mocha Java Chip Frappecinos? Well, make yourself feel a little better. Here are a few ways to use those throw-away items. Take that paper cup and sleeve. The cup can be used to start plants in. Better yet, the sleeve can be used around the base of new plants in the garden to help stop cutworms from eating the young plant starts! You can also cut the bottom off your paper cup and make it into a sleeve. Put the sleeve around a new seed or young plant. Make sure the sleeve extends below the soil about 1".

How about those plastic cups with domes .. Yum! They make great seed starting terrariums. You may need to cut drain holes and put them on a plate.
Also you can pick up free coffee grounds which, mixed with soil will add nitrogen to your soil for those nitrogen loving plants. This year I may try starting my tomatoes right in the bag. Dig out about a cup of grounds , and replace it with soil. Plant a seed. Put holes in the bag , and put the bag on a plate.


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