Friday, January 14, 2011

McKinley School

Early planning. Its January, and the team at McKinley School is planning for it new garden. Next week they are kicking off a vegetable tasting event in their gymnasium. All the students in the school will have a chance to sample fresh vegetables, and rate them. They will be sampling 26 different items. Everything from blueberries to zucchini . This group from the South Bend Schools, Purdue Extension, and Unity Gardens are working toward the goal of educating students, and parents the benefits of growing, and eating healthy food.

The folks at Mckinley school really are a group of over achievers. They plan on putting in a greenhouse, and growing a garden this spring. Other plans include teaching healthy eating habits, a orchard , and incorporating the edible plants throughout the school grounds. This program is an early vision of what all the schools will be doing. They are definitely champions

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