Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Starting Small at LaSalle Square .

My first day of the season in the garden . Its hard to believe from these humble beginnings we will sprout the seeds of sharing for thousands in our community . As always it starts on a cool spring day . The garden slowly comes to life from its winter nap. As I gently turn the soil I see signs of spring . Green sprouts of plant life , worms making their way through the soil . I cultivate a small area in which to sow my first seeds . The soil is moist , cool, and ready to provide the life giving nutrients the seeds need to sprout a plant . As the soil warms the first leaves will appear, and then the magic life of the plant begins .

Today I planted two small rows . One of peas , and one of radishes .

I will repeat this process almost every day until July 1st . Early it will be all the cool weather crops , Lettuce , Kale , Mustard's , Peas , Radish & more . Later it will be corn , beans , Tomatoes etc.. In July we will take a month break from planting , then start on planting our fall crops . From these Humble beginnings we will grow together as a community a great garden to share with everyone .

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