Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monroe Park

Last night Sara with the good folks of the Monroe Park neighborhood. We met at the Cathloic Workers House . They served a great dinner. There is alot going on in the Monroe Park area. The Comans started up a Unity Garden on South & Carroll Street in 2009 . Rey Hernandez worked with them in putting together a nice little Garden . Mike Coman worked really on fixing the sandy soil up by putting tons of cow manure on the garden over the past two years. Last fall he planted Rye grass to till in this year. Its a Great Garden in a great place . Unity Gardens plans on Suppling a bench & maybe a picnic table this year so there is a gathering place in the garden.

The Cathloc workers have 2 gardens . One at the house, and one at Our Lady of the road pantry . This year they are planning a Food Co-op its opening

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