Saturday, March 12, 2011

Record Crowd at The Greenhouse

It was more than the Record breaking class ( 65 attendees ) that made this a great Saturday at the Potawatomi Greenhouse it was all the activity before, and after . Jim, and Cara Lupa put on a great class on gardening in small spaces . As with all the classes we passed out survey's on the class . One suggestion jumped out at me " Name badges - eaiser to meet others" If you look at one of the goals of the Unity Gardens its to Build Community through gardens . Its becoming a great place for people to get together to Learn, and grow together .
After the class more, and more people showed up to sow seeds of sharing in the greenhouse . A group of students, a grandmother, and her grandkids , master gardeners , and novice gardeners all together for a common goal .

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  1. Such a great set of classes! I love my Saturdays "on" now!