Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is Unity Gardens

Spring is a good time to reflect on why we are here
" We are growing more than vegetables here"

Unity Gardens Goals:
Ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow their own healthy food.
Ensure healthy vegetables are available to everyone in need of them.
Educate the community both on how to grow their own vegetables, and how to eat healthy food.
Build community through gardens, and provide safe healthy gathering areas.

Unity Gardens Criteria:
Must have the ability to plant and maintain your garden
Agree to share harvested food with those in your community
Agree to promote the Unity Gardens
Agree to assist in raising funds to support Unity Gardens
Stay true to Unity Gardens community goals

Unity Gardens Role:
Assist with securing land.
Provide additional liability insurance.
Provide education on gardening, and healthy eating.
Promote Unity Gardens mission to public.
Secure seeds, plants, and supplies.
Share best garden practices.
Facilitate Unity communication & networking
Assist in building infrastructure as needed.
Assist in garden development.

Unity Gardens Mission:
Improve community health:
Physically through increasing accessibility of fresh produce & providing education.
Socially by providing venues for people to gather together
Economically by revitalizing our community through gardens

Unity Gardens Contact Information:
Sara Stewart 574 315-4361
Mitch Yaciw 574 904-3491

Unity Gardens Inc e-mail:
PO Box 10022 Blog:
South Bend IN 46680 Facebook: The Unity Gardens Non-profit

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