Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

    So its Hot , Dry , and your garden is full of weeds the size of trees !!  Your garden is producing a bounty of good food , but you are feeling a little burned out . Its the dog days of summer . All gardeners put much thought, and effort into their garden from the time the first seed catalog arrives in December !! until now . You have picked the perfect seeds , started them with love in your kitchen window , and you waited for the perfect time to put the plants in the ground . You prepped you garden fighting the rain , and cool spring weather. You watered , and weeded and mulched . The harvest are great , but areas of you garden are looking a little run down .   Remember you garden is a living changing thing . So I am always looking for areas to refresh in my garden . If I have a row of beans I look for areas things are not growing , and plant more beans . I take down my lettuce that is going to seed , and plant Zucchini . Its also a good time to clean-up areas to get ready for fall planting , or even start thinking about next years garden. YES next years garden . I like to clean up an area I plan to plant my fall crop in , and cover it with cardboard , and Grass clipping or leaves . Then when I am ready to replant a fall crop I just pull back the Cardboard , and plant . I plan for next year by cleaning up sections & doing the same thing , so in the spring they are ready to plant no tilling !! 
        So keep your garden fresh , and ever changing !!

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