Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heathers First Solo Volunteer Day At LaSalle Square

Just a little update on my first solo volunteer day!

Connie and Austin were the only volunteers to show up, but we weeded like no tomorrow. I weeded out and grass clipped the whole section of tomatoes that had that very crooked row of peppers in the middle! Looks very nice now. A few people showed up just to walk and to pick, I helped them pick green beans (YUM!) and peas. One took green tomatoes (of course) but he said he was going to set them in his window to ripen. People just can't wait for yummy things to arrive!
There was an older man who stopped and talked and was simply AMAZED at the garden. He told his story of how his parents had two empty city lots and would grow potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc. He enjoyed seeing everything so lush and seemed to like the New Life Soil idea, saying that, himself a fisherman, he and his wife used the inedible fish parts in their own garden. It was so very rewarding to see such gratitude and excitement. He and his wife said they'd surely visit often!

I also seeded carrots in the row that's been picked and a row of mustards.

We are doing great!


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