Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What to do when its this hot

Hydrate yourself ...Hydrate your garden . Don't stress if you see you plants looking a little waxy on the leaves , and the leaves wilt , and curl a bit . Its just your plants defense against the hot weather .

Many plants will slow or stop production of fruit during a really hot spell . But not to worry they will pick right back up when it cools a little . What is really important is to keep up with the water . Not too much water , about a inch a week. Most experts say to water long & deep as opposed to watering a little at a time . This is said to promote deep root growth. Some things you do not want to do when its hot . Don't bother putting down any herbicide . The plants waxy coat , and defense against the heat also stops the herbicide from entering the plant. Also no insecticides , they may burn the leaves . Last of all no fertilizer , or very little . Again the plants are slowing their growth so they don't want that boost .

This is a great time for weeding & Mulching . Weed , Water , then mulch . Use leaves or grass clippings with a few layers of newspaper underneath . This will help retain water in the soil during this hot time .

Remember Stay Cool

Happy Gardening

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