Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Headlines From The Garden

LaSalle Square Unity Garden
3701 Prast Blvd
South Bend

      Greens Beans . It seems like we have an endless Supply of Green Beans at LaSalle Square . Every time I think they are all gone we find more . I have also planted several more rows of beans to bring in a late harvest before winter . Our Mustard Greens are suffering in all this heat , they keep going to seed . I continue to plant more for late summer harvesting . The Squash Bugs are out in force at the Garden , but the Zucchini is hanging in there for now .
     We are having lots of Harvesters out to the Garden . Many of them rave about how great the garden is for the community . One man who lives in Beacon Heights is bringing me Dinner Friday as a way of thanks . Our Thursday kids program at LaSalle Square is bringing kids closer to the earth . They love eating fresh from the Garden, and enjoying the great outdoors.
    Ravina Park also has a great program on Wed & Sat where they are serving lunch to between 50 , and 100 kids , and providing them with activities in the park , and the Garden .
     I am again amazed at the amount of community support we receive in the way of kind words , and garden volunteers . It lets me know the gardens are a good thing .

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