Monday, July 12, 2010


Ahh busy day at the LaSalle Square Garden today . I got to the Garden Early to get on with the watering . The dry weather has slowed growing a little , but we still have plenty of food to give some to everyone that stops by . We have loads of String Beans , and the Mustard Greens are coming on strong . I harvested all the Potato's , and started planting new Taters for fall harvest . . The Zucchini Patch has been picked over several times but continues to produce . We picked the first Yellow Crookneck Squash today . We keep finding new Cucumbers , but they may finally all be gone until the next group comes up .

Its Great to see at least 10 or 15 groups of people coming out to harvest healthy food everytime I am out . Everyone just comes out and takes what they need leaving food for others to harvest.

We meet so many people from all over . I learn something new everyday , like how to grow , Harvest , and cook . The Gardens are a great success doing just what we hoped for , Bringing diverse people together , and providing healthy food for the neighborhood

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