Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My visit to the NEN Good Shepard Unity Garden Project was a lesson in diversity! In 2 short hours I met so many different people with one common goal; growing community, growing vegetables! Each person I spoke to shared. Each had different challenges, but we spoke of strengths and things we have in common. Bill shared how he learned to grow vegetables and the mistakes he made. He actually planted eyes of potatoes as his in-laws had told him; not the potatoes, just the eyes! Of course nothing grew, but it reminded me of how we all misunderstand sometimes and how we grow from there. Nancy lived on a farm and had plenty to share. She has followed the Unity Gardens and was thrilled with the way we are teaching children how to grow food! All this communicated with a "language board"! Rufus, Dora, Patty, and many others all growing food and sharing. Thaks Laureen, garden leader for the NEN Good Shepard Unity Garden Project! Great idea for Unity.

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